Its blanket time.




I have been waiting for a delivery of the 4th and 5th colours l needed to continue my blanket.
They arrived yesterday so woohoo l can carry on.

I have a bag full of completed 1st and 2nd colours.

Then l have a bag full of completed squares as l was going to back stitch them together afterwards.
I have now decided it will be better to join as l go along so l am busy joining a newly finishd square to already completed squares.

My idea, don’t know if it will work, is to join strips of 8 squares together and then do newly finished squares in between to join the strips.
This means that at some point l will be joining 3 sides, l don’t know if that is doable but l will give it a go.

I am loving the way these colours work up together and have already chosen the colour for my next blanket. That will just be a plain single colour blanket.

I have finished the blue socks from previous post and started a pair of plain green ones. They are handy for when l just have 10 minutes to spare or want to craft without thinking.

In family stuff – does anyone have any ideas how to stop lying?
Girl17 is a constant liar, always has been and nothing we do or say changes it.
Shes also sneaky and steals things.
We have had a lock on our bedroom door for years so she can’t get in.

I have even started counting my cigerettes on a night thats how bad it is, l need to know where everything is and howuch there is which is totally exhausting when l have to constantly check things.

I had 14 this morning, l was out of the house 10 minutes on the school run, came back to 12.
Of course, being the only person in the house, she hasn’t taken them.

When l walked Sox l made her sit in the garden until l came back.
I don’t want her near me and can’t leave her in the house alone.
She has been threatened that if she lies again she will have to leave – its not the fact its 2 cigs its the lying and the fact l can’t trust her.
This affects everybody in the house and its not fair. I have Boy8 to think of too.
Since l threatened her with leaving she has lied to me twice this week.

I am really living on a knife edge here and would appreciate any advice at all.

Thankyou souch for reading so far.
Now back to my blanket while Sox is still in his room, he doesn’t know it yet but when he comes out l’m giving him a bath.w


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