Back in routine.



I’m still plodding on with the squares for my blanket.
I’m still loving crocheting them aswell.

I’m crocheting in colours so in one bag l have the first 2 colours needed and in another l have the last 2 colours.
I’m doing lots of centres and then adding the 2nd colours to them.
Its growing slowly but there is no rush.
As long as l am enjoying making them l will carry on.

I am not doing any more crochet on my blanket for a while though and theres a good reason for this.

I have ordered something with my birthday money.
Remember my birthday? All the way back in June.
My mother in law gave me some money which of course got used up on food and other essentials.
I decided that l was going to have something l could keep and celebrate my 40th with so l have ordered online.
It is being made for me as l type.
It then has to travel all the way from America to me.
Then l will show you just what it is.

I am so excited so l have stopped the blanket for a while.

I am knitting the 2nd sock to the pair l started ages ago.
It feels good to be knitting again.

Sox is behaving alot better now.
I have managed to get loads of housework done today, abit of crochet, some knitting, some online stuff and even managed to make some watercress soup.

It feels good to be getting back into some kind of routine again.

Once the kids had gone back to school after the holidays Sox seemed to settle down.
The 1st day it was just me and him he was a nightmare and l spent most of the day with him hanging from my arm by his teeth.
He’s settled down now and realises its just the 2 of us all day.

If he’s good, he’s an angel.
When he’s bad, he’s a nightmare.

Like me, he likes routine.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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