All change.


Last week me and Hubs had a conversation about possibly getting rid of the chickens.

Although they have a large run attached to their house they were used to free ranging around the garden every day —– until Sox arrived.

I had hoped that as the chickens were here first Sox would show them abit of respect but no, he didn’t.
If he saw them in the garden he chased them which caused quite a commotion.
He loved that.

When he first arrived we had 5 chickens.

The 2 oldest ones went downhill quickly. I don’t know if l can blame Sox for that as they were at the end of their chicken years but the extra stress can’t have been good for them. They died.

That left us with 3, 2 year old chickens.
I kept them in the house and run as it was too stressful to them and to me to have Sox chasing them.

He’s a 6 month old puppy and its fun. He’s only doing what puppies do, not alot of point in shouting at him.

This afternoon the 3 chickens left for their new home.
I know they will be fine and have a better quality of life than they would here but it was still quite a happy / sad moment.

They are only going to the other side of the village, to a friend of my sister in law. They are joining 10 others and will free range most of the day.

I’ll find out on Thursday how they have settled in as their new owners are coming to dismantle our hen house to make some kind of shelter for them.

Now l have no guilt that they are being kept shut in and no worry that Sox will hurt them.


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