Its working already.

I took Sox out today, just to the top of the road as Boy8 was shattered and still in bed.
Its a 10 minute walk there and back and l can see the house at all times.

When we turned to come home Sox realised he wasn’t having his usual walk and threw himself to the floor in his side, like a stroppy 2 year old.

I decided to wait it out and eventually he responded to sit so l gave him a treat and we set off.

He threw himself down again so we repeated the process and eventually set off back.

The differences today were that it took alot les time to get him to sit and start walking again.

Him only doing it twice was a great result too.

Biggest difference was that once he starts walking again he has started jumping and biting my arm and its not playing either, he wants to hurt me.
He didn’t do that today.

I was really pleased with him and told him all the way home what a good boy he is.

It will be interesting to see if his behaviour during the day alters as he hasn’t had his usual 45 minute walk so he will have more energy.

He’s been fantastic all week so today could be fun.

I have something else to think about today too.

We have 3 chickens.
Before Sox they were allowed to free range in the garden.
Sox chases them now.
They have a house with a large secure run at the bottom of the garden but it doesn’t seem fair that they can’t free range anymore.

I could possibly know someone who would take them.

So l have to decide wether to let them go or not.

Hubs has some time off work soon and is talking about hiring a skip so it makes sense to decide soon as the house can go in the skip. I would give it away but its large and will be impossible to dismantle, move and put back together again.

I might let them out this afternoon and see how it goes and if l think the situation could improve.

Sox doesn’t hurt them he just wants to play, he chases them and pins them down but doesn’t bite them.

I am not as attatched to these 3 as l was to the 2 we recently lost to old age so the decision should be easier.

It would relieve alot of guilt – as they are locked in and worry – every time l let them out.


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