Great day today.

After my last post l have made a few changes.

I have disconnected the internet from Girl17’s laptop for a start.
I have her password for facebook so occasionally go on to check everything is ok, its a security measure.
I was annoyed at her language and how she was talking to people in messages. Also she seems to be adding everyone there is.
Hubs and l have talked to her about this but it doesn’t seem to be sinking in.
Theres also been other stuff with her over the past week that l can’t go into on here.
The worry was making me feel ill so l took the decision to disconnect.

She can still access FB on her phone and on other peoples computers but not here, and l will still check it occasionally.

If she carries on like she has done, I will delete her acount.

If she moans that she needs the internet ( which she doesn’t need ) l will reconnect it but also put a parental programme on it which stops certain sites being accessed.

If you need one google K9. I’ve used it before, it seems very good and its free. You can set the level of access you require and time certain sites are allowed for using a password.

Anyway, another change.

Boy8 came for a walk with me and Sox this morning. He’s been moaning about having to come so l’ve been leaving him home and just walking Sox up the road and back. 10 minutes total and l can see the house.
Having him come with us this morning meant that Sox could have a proper 45 minute walk.
This kept Sox in a nice calm mood all day and l can honestly say he has been a lovely dog today, really well behaved.
We both went with Hubs tonight when he walked him for an hour and that was nice having time to talk.

Anyway, another change.

I need to craft. I was getting very frustrated trying to fit it in around Sox.
As a result l was crafting in bits and never saw the studio upstairs, my 2 rooms where crafty stuff is kept.
We have decided that l am to have 20-30 minutes ‘ me time ‘ in the studio each day.
Sometimes maybe more but at least 20.
I had my 20 minutes up there tonight after l put Boy8 to bed and while Hubs cooked our tea.

It felt so good.

I put the radio on, sat in my chair looking out the window and knitted 6 rounds on the Esther socks l have been working on forever.
I can’t do those downstairs in ‘ Soxland ‘ as the pattern is too complicated for me to put down quickly and if Sox got them and ripped them l couldn’t be held responsible for what l would do.

So changes can be good —– l hope.

I’ve also done loads of housework which always makes me feel better.

I’m now going to have a go at abit of crochet while Sox is asleep on the floor.

Hope everyone elses day has been as good as mine.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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