Sock scrap blanket.


This is how far l have got with the sock scrap blanket.
These are the blocks l thought were finishd with the 3 rows of border.
I have double the amount of blocks waiting for the border to be added.

I can see l am going to have problems joining all these together as they are different sizes. Hmmmm.

I am considering waiting until the blocks are all done.
Finding the biggest block and doing a border of grey.
I’m thinking then of taking the other blocks and doing a grey border on them until they are all the same size.

The bigger blocks may only have one grey border round and the smaller blocks may have alot more.

What do you think?
Will it look silly?

I think it might just work out, also it could make more of a feature of the coloured sock scrap areas.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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