Abit of playing.


Sometimes l like to crochet,
I flit between knitting and crochet then back again.

I am currently crocheting the sock scrap blanket but l wanted something abit different.

Something where the squares would all be the same size when finished.

I have wanted to try these squares from Mollie Makes magazine.
(l’ll edit in which issue they are from).

I got some acrylic and a 4.5mm hook and set off.

This was fun.

I had to look up the stitches, double treble, puff and cluster aren’t ones l am familiar with but they are easy enough.

I love the finished effect.

I am now planning a blanket.
As this was for practice and fun these aren’t the colours l will use.

I’m thinking beiges or brights.

What do you think?


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Abit of playing.

  1. This is so clever! As you know, Im a very very new to crochet but this looks so pretty!

    Thanks so much for offering to talk me through a granny square, so kind of you.

    Rhi x

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