Patchwork square finished.

At last l have finished this, well l say at last but l’ve just realised l cut the pieces out Friday so l suppose its not too bad considering its stitches by hand.

I had a few problems with this one.

I couldn’t get the squares to line up in the centre. 3 x 1.5″ squares sewn together with 1/4″ seam allowance should then measure 3.5″ but l just couldn’t get it right.

I think what l was doing was using my 1/4″ rule to mark my seam and then sewing down it. Now l don’t know if l am right but sewing just above the line worked better for me, l presume its the width of pencil and angle of line with the rule but if l sewed above then everything fit better.

I like this square although the next one l do will be easier. I want to practice getting everything correct and lots of 1.5″ x 1.5″ squares may be making it harder then it needs to be.

I like the colours and think they wotk well together. The material is from 2 different duvet covers l bought from the charity shop. I am still practicing so any material will do.

I have decided that with these patchwork squares l am doing l am going to practice quilting them.
I have 3 squares now and l’m going to back each one, stuff it ( probably a more correct term for that ) , bind it and then practice quilting through the layers.
They may as well come in useful for practicing on.

All in all l am quite pleased l have finished this one.
It looks pretty good and measures in at an almost perfect 9″ x 9″.

That is, it looks good until l put the ruler over the top to measure it. I then realised that each square is 1″ so my little squares should fit neatly inside.
As you can see —— they don’t.
It starts off well in the middle and then somehow goes slightly wonky.

Oh well, room for improvement.

On the smoking news,
I haven’t managed to stop completely.
I haven’t bought any and l have been using the electric ones.
I have had about 8 of Hub’s Silk Cut over 2 evenings though. Even that is good for me as l am usually 20+ a day so l am claiming it as a small victory.
I have found though that as l don’t have the house l am not bothered. If l had some l know full well l would be smoking them which makes me think its more habit than addiction.
I will manage to stop completely.

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