If like me you have ever wondered about the relationship between food and shopping then have a look at this blog – sharonsnotshopping.blogspot.com/
Its really rather interesting.

Its something l have considered in the past, especially when finding myself short of money – do l ‘want’ it or do l ‘need’ it?
Its very easy to turn a want into a need.

A couple of years ago l spent 6 months writing everything down that l bought. It was very interesting going over it each month and realising which things l hadn’t actually needed or used and how much money l had saved.

As soon as l have some money l may consider this idea.

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  1. Catherine says:

    It is interesting how you can manage without shopping. A couple of years ago I left my job suddenly (my choice I had just had enough) I found I survived for 7 months on one month's salary. Not exactly spending nothing but certainly a lot less

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