I now have a great deal of respect for all the new mum, crafty bloggers out there.
A few of the crafty bloggers l follow are new / newish mums and still find time to craft and blog.


Sox has been here 11 weeks now and my life is still turned upside down——–and he’s a puppy.

After taking Boy8 to school l have now started leaving Sox locked in his room for an hour just so l have some crafting time.
Its the loss of crafting time that l am finding hardest.

He loves running off with my wool.

My crafting stuff is contained in 2 rooms ( the studio ) but Sox’s room is at the foot of those stairs. He has been up there with me for short 10 minute periods, any more and he dtarts looking for stuff to take.
The crafty stuff l like to keep in the main house l have had to put in the dining room away from him. It looks like a jumble sale in there with bits of knitting, sewing and crochet all over the table.
He managed to get in today and started pulling my latest spinning from the wheel. I’ve wound it back on and l just hope it comes off the bobbin ok.

I know its wrong but l feel myself getting frustrated that my crafting time has drastically reduced. I NEED to craft things, it’s what l do.

I find myself crafting in small bursts so consequently nothing is actually getting done.
I spin a little in the morning.
When Boy8 comes home from school we also leave Sox in his room for a while as we have a drink, talk about his day and watch a little TV together. I may get 30 minutes knitting time then.
Once Sox is tired out at night ( 9.30 ish ) l may get an hour to sew or crochet.

So bits are getting done.
I’m sewing the hexagons together again for the patchwork l started at the beginning of the year, l’m crocheting the granny squares from sock leftover wool and spinning slowly.

So, new mums——–how on earth do you get things done?

BTW. I’m not really complaining, l love the furry monster to death but just wish he’d let me craft.

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2 Responses to Respect.

  1. Heather says:

    Get a big raw bone from the butcher and let him chew that in a corner while you craft. Take it up when you are done. He will learn to lay down and focus on his own project eventually!

  2. Tracey says:

    hey, thats a good idea. Thankyou.

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