Look who’s in my tree.

owl 12/4/11 by knittywittywoo
owl 12/4/11, a photo by knittywittywoo on Flickr.

We have been hearing the owl for a few weeks now.
For the past 3 days, when I have gone to lock the chickens in at night it has been sat in this tree watching me.
Last night I was ready and set off armed with my camera.
Here is a cropped picture of the photo I took. I am planning to put some step ladders in the garden tonight to see if I can get a better photo.

He was still there this morning when I went to let the chickens out. I have claimed him as mine and called him ‘ Twit ‘.


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2 Responses to Look who’s in my tree.

  1. Rebecca in CO says:

    Chickens aren't one of his delicacies, are they? How very cool he looks!

  2. Catherine says:

    wow he is immense well done for capturing his image

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