Sewing again.

As I have stopped all traces of smoking now, no cigerettes or electronic cigerette smoking devices I decided that I needed to keep treating myself to small items.
I couldn’t afford to smoke now, although I still do want to and think I always will do.
I am going to treat myself often, when I can afford to. Little bits that just let me know how important it is to enjoy something that isn’t smoking.

Last week I treated myself to this book from amazon. I think it was just over £11 but it is definately worth every penny.
I thought when I ordered the book that it would just be pretty pictures of patchwork blocks but it is so much better than that.
Each block has the measurements of the pieces to cut out and a picture showing how the pieces fit together.

I was straight back online to order a proper patchwork ruler as there was no way I would be able to cut the pieces out with a normal ruler. I ordered the 10.5″ one from here. It has made cutting fabric so much easier.

Here is the first block I have done from the book. Its block 17 and I am really pleased with it.
Its not perfect but I am happy for my first attempt.
I have already cut out the fabric for my 2nd block, in taupe and blue this time.



About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Sewing again.

  1. Knitting Nix says:

    So pretty, I would love to learn quilting. Stay strong with the non-smoking, it is worth it.

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