Days out.

We have joined the National Trust.

One of our ideas this year was to get out and about with the kids ( girl17 and boy8 ).
The only thing is that once we actually start adding up the cost of going out and about it becomes expensive.

We decided to join the National Trust.
It cost us £88.50 for a family ticket for the 4 of us for the year. ( if we had joined online its £69!!!!! ).

On Sunday we went to Lyme Park.  It was lovely and before we even got out the car we were planning to visit again.
We walked around the house which is well worth a visit and the gardens are beautiful. There is a large adventure playground for the kids and lots and lots of land to walk on. We are going again with a picnic and planning to do lots of walking.

Although the £88.50 sounds expensive, without becoming members it would have cost us nearly £30 to park the car and go round the house and gardens. The £88.50 will be well spent as its an incentive now to visit as many places as possible and get our moneys worth.

Hubs wants to go and get some walking boots and gaters to go round the bottom of his trousers and I quite fancy a stick.

It also means that I can get alot more use from the camera I bought last year.
Heres a photo I took of the house, I’m quite proud of this one.


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