One of the things I decided to do this week was to say ‘ yes ‘ to everything.
Obviously I haven’t mentioned it to Hubs or the kids.
My friend called this morning to ask if I fancied a walk to the village. I hadn’t planned on it but hey, ok.
We had to wait until my washer had finished so had a nice cuppa together.
Then I had to put the washing out on the line first. Gosh, that looks good, I can’t remember the last time I hung it on the line. I don’t even care if it doesn’t dry, it just looks more like spring with it there.
Anyway eventually we set off and called at the charity shop first.
This beautiful brooch was there. Its a Marks and Spencer one.
I was buying a top and asked to look at the brooch, the lady took it from the cabinet and took the £1.50 price tag off. ‘Its not £1.50  ‘she said and charged me 50p.
So a nice ’round the house’ top and a brooch for £2.
I pinned it straight to my coat and smiled every time it twinkled in the sun.
I have got abit further with Camilla Mittens.
I am really enjoying this pattern, it is pretty easy to tell if you make a mistake.
This would have been an easier pattern than Heathers Mittens for my first try at colourwork.

About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Today

  1. Catherine says:

    Very nice mitten pattern. What a lovely happy post, I can just imagine you hanging out your washing in the breezy sunshine and setting off to walk with your friend

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