Yet more food!

I do actually have a life outside the kitchen although from reading this blog over the past few posts nobody would think so.
Today I can’t do an actual lot, when I got up this morning I realised I have hurt my back.
There doesn’t have to be any reason for this, sometimes I wake up and its stiff but soon wakes itself up. Today though it is slightly swollen. This could hurt all day or I could just get up and it feel fine, just have to wait it out and rest.
I’ve spent a lovely morning surfing the blog world and have found some lovely new sewing blogs I hadn’t seen before.
I’ve done abit of knitting on Hubs new sock, its at the back of the picture, not very exciting.
Girl19 is supposedly popping in to see me today from Uni so I have just made some choc chip cookies for her to take back with her. They smell lovely.

About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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