Beetroot and Chocolate cake.

I made this for the first time this week using this recipe.
Give it a try.
It really is so simple, everything is blitzed together in a food processer and then baked in a loaf tin for 50 minutes.
I burnt the top of this one, its ok though, I just cut that bit off and the rest is delicious.

You cannot taste the beetroot at all but what it does is make the chocolate taste really rich.

It is also an incredibly moist cake. Girl16 had a peice and said it was gorgeous ( of course I didn’t tell her it had beetroot in it ).
We had an extra peice last night covered in custard.

This definately goes on the ‘make often’ list.


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One Response to Beetroot and Chocolate cake.

  1. Catherine says:

    I made this cake last night. Iced it with chocolate ganache. It is absolutely delcious, thank you for posting the link to the recipe. I did not tell my chocolate cake loving husband and sons that there is beetroot in it and they loved it too!

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