Clover bamboo Dpn’s V Knitpro Symfonie Dpn’s

I have now used my new Clover bamboo Dpn’s.
I have had the Knitpro Symfonie ones for over 12 months now and I really like them.
I have found a problem or two with them though so I ordered the Clover bamboo Dpn’s last week.
Both my sets came from Get Knitted so that is the site I have used today for comparison.
Knitpro are £5.30 for 6 needles.
Clover are £6 for 5 needles.
Knitpro are 15cm long.
Clover are 16cm long.
( There are other lengths available ).
Here are the needles on my works in progress.
The Clover are on the sock on the left and the Knitpro on the mitten on the right.
Right, now having used both I will tell you MY opinion on them.
I like them both and will probably use both still depending on the project I am working on.
Both feel really nice.
The Knitpro being in a dark colour causes me problems when working with dark coloured yarn.
The Clover I don’t see that being a problem with dark or light yarn.
Knitpro have the sizes on the needles but after using them the sizes do rub off. Its very important that I keep the needles together. Its hard trying to see the difference between 2mm, 2.25mm and 2.5mm when I’m wanting to cast on immediately.
The Clover have the size stamped into the needle. Although I imagine that too will wear over time, it seems a better idea.
Knitpro are definately pointier than the Clover, that is handy as I like a good sharp point. I imagine though that I will soon get used to Clover.
So to sum it up, Knitpro are cheaper and you get 6 needles not 5. Clover will be easier to see the sizing. Knitpro are pointier. Clover are easier to see the yarn.
At the moment I am enjoying using both for different projects.

Sorry, I have missed out a vital point as Catherine has asked if they are metal or plastic.
They are both wood.


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One Response to Clover bamboo Dpn’s V Knitpro Symfonie Dpn’s

  1. Catherine says:

    Are the knitpro metal or plastic? I don't think I would like the colour, I have trouble enough knitting dark colours at night as it is. But I bought bamboo 2.25 dpns loved them and then they broke! Perhaps I'm too rough with them. I am currently using some silver, steel ones and am very happy!

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