What a lovely surprise.

Last night I had 3 very large gin and bitter lemons at home. We don't go out drinking anymore so I am out of practice.
If we do go out, we prefer to go out as a family for a meal.
I do drink at home but it tends to be a Baileys at Christmas and maybe a can of lager on a night, which will last all night. So why I had 3 large gins last night, I have no idea.

I definately knew about it this morning though.
I have done next to nothing today except walk around in a hazy fog.

My lovely husband came home tonight from work with this gorgeous bunch of roses for me. Total surprise.

I must be doing something right, we are only 26 days into the year and this is the 2nd bunch of flowers he has surprised me with.



About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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