Another cake.

I’m getting a little obsessed with baking at the moment.
After buying a new breadmaker at New Year i have been trying out packet bread mixes. I never used them in the last breadmaker, I added everything seperately.
Anyhow, I have tried White bread, Ciabatta bread and a Multigrain bread.
Today, something abit different.
Ginger cake.
Yet again, its a mix. All I had to add was 7ml water and 4 tbsp of vegetable oil. Mix together with the cake mix and put it in the breadmaker for 60 minutes and voila——Ginger cake.
I do like mixing and adding ingredients together but now I have tried them I will keep some ready made mixes in the cupboard for emergencies.
Onto spinning.
Yesterday I spent most of the day downloading some audiobooks to iTunes.
I now have Cathy Lette and Past Secrets ( which I had already read but forgotten ), 7 Harry Potter books and The Girl with the dragon Tattoo in Itunes.
I am presently listening to Cathy Lette on the iPod and I am really enjoying it.
I have book 1 from harry Potter and the first 2 discs of girl with the dragon tattoo on the ipod ready.
I have also started listening to The Archers.
I downloaded the omnibus on Jan 16th and it was really good so I have this weeks omnibus downloaded ready for a listen.
That is what I will be listening to now when I am spinning on this handdyed by me, merino, or doing some knitting that needs little concentration.



About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Another cake.

  1. Catherine says:

    The colours of your hand dyed Merino are fabulous, I've just caught teh sock knitting bug, the yarn you will get from this wool would be great! The gingerbread looks good too.

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