Guess how much????

Anybody that follows me on Twitter may know I am having quite a bad time of it lately.
Last year was an absolute pig, all of it.
Anyhow, I wanted this year to be better. Apparently though, wanting something doesn’t make it so.
I’m going through a stubborn phase at the moment.
Hubs wants to go out for a meal tonight with the kids and his Mum.
I knew straight away that his Mum would say, ‘yes, but I’m paying’. Which she did.
I told Hubs that she wasn’t and I would pay for it for his birthday. We could call it the family birthday meal out.
Now thats really nice of me…..yes?
Except I have no money, being the stay at home mum is financially limiting……and Hubs and his Mum do.
I have been to the bank today and withdrawn enough to cover the meal but now I am short.
Yep, I am stubborn alright.
Well when I went to the bank to draw out most of my worldly goods I popped into the charity shop and found these 2 cushions.
The one at the front is a proper patchwork cushion and is just lovely against my orange settee in the studio.
……………….and the price of this loveliness………………40p each.

About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Guess how much????

  1. Mandymosey says:

    Hope 2011 does become a better year for you. Being stubborn is not always a bad thing :0) (knittingmummy on twitter)

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