Some things from december.

Some mittens for me from handspun.
This was bits of merino I got for christmas 2009, I blended them together on the drum carder and just spun it 2 ply.
I love the effect it gives.
I made a long single crochet chain for these so I can string them through the sleeves on my coat. I am not losing them.
A Forest Canopy Shawl as a Christmas gift.
I amde 2 of these, both from recycled lambswool from jumpers. This was my mother in laws and I made a green one for my Grandma.
Trinity Shawlette, This was for my Sister in law, also from recycled lambswool. I love this pattern, its quite similar to the Forest canopy but seemed to knit up quicker. It makes a lovely shawlette. The long edge is longer that the Forest Canopy and the point not as long.
…….and just because I loved the first pair so much I made myself another pair of mittens. These are from Jacob fleece, a little scratchy but oh so warm.
For christmas my parents bought me a Lucet. These things are addictive.
Its 2 pronged and works similar to french knitting but it makes a square rather than circular i cord.
It is so fast.
The wool is some handspun I had. I made my friend a pair of mittens from this wool, i will try to get a photo next time I see her. This is the wool I had left.
I now need to find a way that I can make it stay in a circular shape.



About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Some things from december.

  1. Catherine says:

    Wow what beautiful shawls and how amazing that you had enough time to knit three! I made a shawl a while ago and it took months (will blog about it one day!)

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