Bad Blogger.

I know I have been an extremely bad blogger of late but we have had so much going on that my head never felt straight enough to blog properly. Alot of what has happened I don’t feel comfortable blogging about.
Basically, it involved Girl18, a large phone debt, stupidity, me paying the large phone debt and then no contact from Girl 18 for 12 weeks until 23rd December. She has been here, at home since then and to say I have found it difficult would be an understatement. The stupidity seems to be continueing and I am sure that when she returns to uni the no contact will continue too. She may be returning there Sunday although there has been talk of her going today. I’m biting my tongue and hoping for the best once she does go. Maybe without her here we would be able to get some kind of relationship back on track.


I hope everyone had a nice time, we did.
Unfortunately, after stopping smoking on May 18th, I started again on Christmas eve.
It wasn’t a problem, I knew it was stress and it was never going to be a long term thing.
The problem I had, stupidly I thought I could handle not smoking now and I had run out of and not replaced the electronic cigerettes I had used ( Nucig ). I hadn’t thought how I would handle an onslought of stress and I started with 1/2 of Hubs cig on Christmas eve. Christmas day I started properly again.
Tuesday I ordered some electronic cigs, they came Thursday and I had my last ‘proper’ cig at 10.30 Thursday evening. All in all I smoked 6 days.
I’m probably not supposed to say this but I loved it. Maybe because I knew it wasn’t going to be long term but I did enjoy those 6 naughty days.
New Year though, 2011 and I am again a no smoker.

Talking of New Year. 2010 was a totally crappy year for us for various reasons. Nothing really major but it just seemed to be smallish things that lasted all year long.

This year is going to be my year!!!

This year I will be 40. I am fed up of feeling fat, stopping smoking hasn’t helped as I have piled on an extra 2.5 stone since then. This year I will do something about it. Something long term and manageable so that involves healthy eating and exercise.
I have bought kettlebells for the exercise.
These things are lethal. Look them up on You Tube. Nothing to it, its just swinging this weight around. Ha!
Being an overweight weakling I have started with 2kg. I am waiting for an exercise DVD to arrive so picked up some moves on You Tube.
I did one of the moves 30 times, easy move, no sweating, obviously not working, yes?
Next day was full of hilarity for all the family as they knew every time I sat down or stood up by the Arrrggghhhh they could hear.
All down the back of my legs was painful. That’ll teach me!
That said I am still looking forward to the DVD arrival so I can use them for a proper workout with the all important warm up and cool down.

So then, 2011 resolutions.

Keep on being a non smoker.
Become fitter and healthier.
Find a social life.
Be happy.

Doesn’t sound too much does it?
Of course there are lots of subcategories in there, lots of crafting which comes under ‘be happy’.
Theres lots I want to learn this year.

More patchwork definately.   I want to knit more complicated items also, push my limits abit.
Somewhere I have module 2 of the hand knitting city & guilds course I am doing, I’d quite like to have a go at finishing that.

Happy 2011 to everyone and I hope this year is exactly what you want it to be!


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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