Dangerous obsessions.

This year I have become interested in patchwork quilting.
I have been reading a lot of sewing blogs and patchwork appeared quite a lot.

As I do not sew particularly well I haven't attempted it yet. Until now.

A lady at craft morning is a quilter and as we got talking she has managed to convince me that I could actually do this.

As I couldn't knit, spin or weave 4 years ago I actually believe her.

I brought home 3 books that she had taken to the meeting and I have sat looking at the pictures most of the afternoon and I am really going to have a go at this.

I am very excited about it, something I haven't felt for a project for quite a while.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Dangerous obsessions.

  1. Hello Sweetie,Hooray, I'm so glad you're going to have a go at sewing. Don't forget there are lots of different types of sewing so flit about like a butterfly and try lots of different things.

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