More baby socks.

I love knitting these tiny baby socks. Don’t be thinking that because they are small they are fast, they aren’t.
Each pair, if I constantly knit on them would, I imagine still take at least 2 days.
There are over 6000 stitches per pair and they have a proper slip stitch heel flap too.

I knit them because I love them.

The time taken to knit them is why I put them for sale at £10 per pair.
Work that out per hour, yep not a lot, mere pennies.

I decided that I wouldn’t offer them for less as they truly are a ‘ one of a kind ‘ purchase. Even if I use the same yarn again they wouldn’t be the same. I do believe in value for money and for £10 these baby socks are fantastic, they will last alot longer than shop bought. Your baby will be wearing an individual piece of art.

I just love petting them once they are finished and thinking of little baby feet being kept warm.

This pair is 4″ from heel to toe so should fit a 6-9 month old baby.

I haven’t listed these yet as I am not sure if I want to seperate my knitted / crochet items from the dyed fibre.
I have a Etsy shop too ‘ knittywittywoo ‘ which is empty.
I am unsure if the knitted bits would be better there, stop my Folksy shop looking cluttered.
Go look at my Folksy shop and let me know what you think.



About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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