trying once again……

While taking part in the Tour De Fleec on Ravelry I have realised that I really do love spinning.
I have also realised that practice really does make perfect. In just a week I can see a great difference to both my spinning and my plying. It is alot more consistant in it’s thickness and I am also spinning alot finer than before.
My personal aim for the Tour De Fleece is to spin 100g / 2 ply at over 400 yards.

Another thing I have realised is that I really miss dyeing.

I have been spinning from my own handdyed merino that I dyed last year and I am loving it. Sooooooooo, I have decided to start dyeing again.

As Folksy now charge a fee for selling, ( previously it was free ) I am thinking of also opening on etsy.

As I have a little bit of money at the moment I can afford to buy some of the fibre, the dye I still have from last year. I am thinking of Merino and Merino superwash….BFL…..Devon tops and maybe some Shetland too. I am hoping to dye it in exactly the same way as I did last year as I have enjoyed spinning them myself. If I try to imitate any of the great dyers out there I will not be able to and become disillusioned, my stuff is differently dyed to theirs ( as in I lay out the fibre and just throw dye at it..Lol )and I should keep it that way.

I am not planning on dyeing any yarn at the moment, just fibre.

Although……..I am planning on sewing some kitchen / crafting aprons for sale. Those will appear in the Folksy shop.

I am thinking of putting the fibre in the Etsy shop.

Do I stick to Studio thirty8 at etsy too or have you any catchy ideas?

I have alot of thinking and planning to do over the next few weeks. Plus of course spinning and knitting….also I think I have a family and house that also need attention.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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