Really quite pleased with myself today.

Every day when it gets to 3.15 I have to go to school to pick the youngest up and my creativity for the rest of the day is limited. Certainly no time to sew in the studio.
I always feel annoyed with myself that I have almost wasted the day and not sewn the trousers that I had planned for the last fortnight.

Well today I have.

Yes, this used to be a duvet cover. they will be used as house trousers / possibly pyjama bottoms so don’t look out for me in the real

These were relatively simple.

I cut the 4 pieces of the pattern out.

Then I realised that 1 back and 1 front piece should have been cut from the ‘right’ side of the material so I cut 2 more pieces. Doh.

For the sewing up, I didn’t follow the pattern. I followed the tutorial on this blog ( scroll down and on the left theres a tutorial on repurposing girls pants ). This is a really good blog for making sewing seem really easy. ( even I can follow it ). There are some really pretty things here.

Look how wide these trousers are at the bottom, aren’t they fab?

The only problem I have is that I made a size # which is supposedly larger than my size, thinking they would be really loose. It would have been nice if I actually needed to put the elastic in to keep them up. I think my problem is that they aren’t actually on my waist, slightly lower, as it does say on the pattern. Next time I will make them higher.


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