Sunglasses may be needed.

I hate this yarn. I have made Mr K a pair of socks in it before and I really hate how the colours pool together.

Jaywalker socks would be an obvious choice. I have just finished a pair and liked the pattern.

It started well, I really liked this….

Turning the heel and it all went wrong.
Can you see the pooling starting around the side of the foot?

Here it is on the top of the instep.
I cannot stand pooling.

I thought it might be the heel turn so I ripped it back and tried another.
No difference.

I then ripped it back and tried a short row heel.
This was a biggie for me as I have tried and failed so many times at the short row heel. I always get gaps going down the heel.
This time though….success. I have tiny holes where the sole meets the instep but I can live with that, sew them up later.

What I cannot live with though is the pooling yet again.

I am determined to finish these socks and have the yarn work well with the pattern.

I am now going to rip back ( again ) and try an afterthought heel. Maybe in black.

Another problem for this yarn is that after the heel the sole stitch count changes from 38 to 32. I think the loss of those 6 stitches are also causing me problems so I am not going to decrease them.

I also have a plain pair on the needles just so I don’t go mad.


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