More spinning done.

I love this.
It was a complete pleasure to spin.

It’s a merino and silk blend.

327 yards so I have finally spun over the 300 yard mark. I’ve only done it once before so that is always what I aim for.
It’s about 14-16 wpi so that makes it a 4 ply / fingering weight.

I don’t know what to do with it now.
It’s the perfect weight for sock knitting but is merino and silk practical or just a touch of over indulgence?


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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2 Responses to More spinning done.

  1. Pixie says:

    Gorgeous!.. must get me some to try.. and you can't indulgence your feet too much can you? but there again a nice neck mini shawlette type knit would be good too.

  2. leni425 says:

    I agree with Pixie! No such thing as over indulgence anyways lol! What colour blend was it, or was it a custom?

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