woo-hoo, a finished object.

Jaywalker socks. pattern by Grumperina.
Needles, 2.25mm for rib, 2.5mm for main sock.
Yarn, King cole zig zag. Colour 748.
Size, medium, ladies uk size 7.
Yardage used, Approx 68g / 335 yards.

I have resisted knitting this pattern for so long. I had read alot about sizing issues, the sock being too tight to pull over the heel.
I researched lots of other knitters needle sizes and yarn and decided to go with a needle 2.5mm, not the 2.25mm in the pattern.
The yarn I used I have hated everytime I have cast on for plain socks but with this pattern I love it.

The result is a lovely pair of socks.

I am planning to cast on a 2nd pair but to try the small size and still use 2.5mm needles as these feel abit, just abit loose.

For these socks I used my dpn’s and with those I feel a true sock knitter. For plain socks I use my small 9″ circular and always feel a fraud. That is why I bought and taught myself to knit with dpn’s.
Isn’t that silly?
The results are still the same and nobody could ever tell which needle I have used to knit my socks……it’s all in my head.

On my next pair I plan to use the 9″ circular…ssshhhhh!


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One Response to woo-hoo, a finished object.

  1. delicious socks, i was a little worried at the leg coming out of the wall though!

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