198 yds. of heaven.

This is the 198 yds of heaven shawl ( link to my rav page ).

I spun this wool which I got gifted for Christmas. It’s Merino and silk and feels so soft. It’s the first time I have spun this and it was the first spinning I did on my Christmas gift Kromski Sonata wheel.

This pattern by Christy Verity is lovely. It is written and charted and really easy to follow. Basically 8 pattern stitches between 2 purl stitches so if you’ve never knitted lace and always wanted to, this is ideal.

I did 4.5 pattern repeats instead of the recomended 2.5 as I wanted to use all the wool. I then did rows 1-5 of the border and cast off on row 6. I like this alot better than the 16 row border in the pattern.

I used 94g / 256 yards. ( 20 yards left ). I haven’t got a finished size for this yet as I want to wash it and block it again as I think it has shrunk abit since I blocked it on Sunday. I wanted to wear it Monday morning and I’m wondering if it hadn’t finished blocking properly.


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One Response to 198 yds. of heaven.

  1. Pixie says:

    Lovely spinning and knitting, love the colour too.. totally gorgeous!Your blocked item once relaxed will be a tad smaller.. hope that helps 🙂

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