Abit of bling.

Amazingly I have finished this scarf during half term when the kids are here.
Knitting and spinning I can usually do as I have a wheel downstairs and knitting is portable but my loom is in the studio, upstairs on the side of the house. I tend to put the baby monitor on so I can hear when they start fighting.

I am pleased with how this has turned out. It really is very sparkly.

I love the way the colours go from light to dark both across the scarf and from each end. The colour graduation from each end was a total happy accident. I realised about 10″ in that something would happen with the shading and hoped it would start changing around the middle and it did, pure luck.

Once finished, the metallic in the yarn felt slightly scratchy and although I loved the look I couldn’t imagine wearing it. A soak in a little fabric conditioner and it feels alot softer now. I would definately use this yarn again but not for the warp, once I got into a rhythm it was fine but the way it stuck to itself was annoying. I would just use it for the weft and pick contrasting colours for the warp.

Length before washing was 58.25″ x 9″, and after washing is 57″ x 8.75″.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Abit of bling.

  1. Viknits says:

    It's totally beautiful Tracey! I love it! 🙂 xx

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