Still crafting..

I am still knitting….
I have finished a pair of hand dyed hand spun socks. I love them, they are bright and cheerful.
These only took 77g which works out at about 252 yards.
Maybe I can get socks from my low yardage spinning if I do them toe up.

I am still spinning….
I have finished spinning this…

…and it is currently being plyed into a 2ply from a centre pull ball.
I am really pleased with this one. It’s the merino top that I dyed with just random splotches of black food colouring. It has created a gorgeous shade of teal.

I am spinning this….

…merino and silk blend from Wingham wool works.
It is really soft and spinning up quite fine at the moment.

I have also finished spinning some pink and white and that is waiting patiently to be plyed. I don’t know yet if I will leave it to rest and then have a go at chain plying.

I have also cast on for 198 yrds of heaven. A cute neck shawl.
I am loving it so far, the pattern is easy to follow and once I got through a few stumbles at the begining it’s coming along nicely.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Still crafting..

  1. Tallis says:

    I have yet to master the sock! Yours look fab and cosy, nice work

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