Another pretty.

This morning I have finished spinning and plying the bright green batts that I made on the drum carder. 100g of handdyed Merino Top.

Looking pretty plyed on the bobbin.

Wound into a centre pull ball, ready to be skeined.

Pretty, pretty skein.

The colour shown on my monitor is a pretty good match. There are occasional spots of different shading showing through which I suspect will look great knitted up.
Although I can see a difference in my spinning, it is alot more consistent now my yardage absolutely stinks.

241 yards!!!!! It still needs a wash so I haven’t checked wpi yet.

What can I knit with that?

I am now spinning the black and green Merino Top that I dyed and I am spinning quite fine. I have probably jinxed it now and will end up with 200 yards if I’m lucky.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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