It’s not pretty but it works.

It’s also the best I could do with limited time yesterday when I had exploding bottom boy at home.

As I said it’s an old tea towel, you know the kind that sit in the drawer because there are long threads hanging off it.

I cut a long peice from an old sheet. Folded it in 3 along the length and sewed up it. Folded the tea towel over and sewed the strap inside….does that even make sense? My seams aren’t straight as it was a rush cutting and folding job.

Anyhow, it works. I wore it last night to make tea and an Apple Tray Bake. Not having to go search every time my hands needed wipeing was great…..and so was the Apple Tray Bake.

May have something pretty to show later as I have almost finished plying this…

Little K is still off school but is quite happy at the moment relaxing in his room.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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