Sod’s Law.

Yesterday I went out. Only into town, nothing too exciting. My wool was delivered while I was out and taken back to the depot.
I have just online organised redelivery for Monday….woo-hoo.

I almost never go out. In a full 5 day week while the kids are at school I love the peace and quiet I get at home and see no reason to go anywhere.

Yesterday I was out for a short while to pick up the paints I need to do Module 2 of the C&G hand knitting course, which not surprisingly I am doing at home. Occasionally I go out for lunch or breakfast with a friend ( 2 hours at most ). Typical then that the wool decides to arrive when I am not here.

I have friends that are always out. One has all her on line purchases sent to my address, without asking as I am always in. Even the postman brings items with her address on straight to my house as he knows she’s never in and I am.

I am sure I can wait until Monday, it’s not as if I don’t have any sock wool available to me.

I did say to my friend when I was in town, ‘ do not let me buy any jumpers for the wool ‘, sure enough we are in a charity shop and I hear ‘ Tracey, this is pure new wool ‘. For a mans large pure new wool jumper ay £3.80, how could I resist.

I have started pulling it out today and it’s going ok so far. It is a beautiful mix of different colours.

It’s not a really thin wool so it is coming apart quite easily, I am thinking, socks, hat and gloves….no surprise there then.

After looking at material in the one market shop we have, not particularly liking any and liking the prices even less. I have decided that this is the way my sewing will have to be too.

There is alot of material in bedding sets and curtains that I can use for bags.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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