Dyeing again.

I’ve done a little bit of dyeing again over the last week.
These are all 100g Merino Top and I am pleased with each one.

I am undecided if to list the first two in the shop as nobody seems to be buying but I might do. Leave me a message if you could be interested in them.

The one below I am definately keeping. It was a happy experiment.

When I dye to sell I always use acid dyes but for fun it doesn’t matter, I am happy to dye with anything.

This Merino Top was dyed with Sugarflair food colouring.
I know that black splits off into different colours and I have always used it with additional colours. This time I wanted to see what black on it’s own would do.

I laid the top out and just basically threw black randomly at it. Wrapped it in clingfilm, squished it abit and microwaved. 1 min – medium, 2 min – high, 2 min – high, 2 min – high, with a rest of 2 minutes between each heating.

This is how it turned out…

There is a lovely bright green there and occasional spots of pink. I think it is super and can’t wait to start spinning it.

I have some top soaking now, I am planning the black again but this time I am going to mix the black dye with pink. I am hoping the pink will split from the black and I will get more pink and still keep the green.

Or…it could go horribly wrong.


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One Response to Dyeing again.

  1. Tallis says:

    I'm loving your colour choses here, fab work and some nice inspiration

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