When visiting charity shops I head first for the mens jumpers. The larger the better.
Not because I have large men here but I want the lambswool jumpers to take apart and re use the wool. There is alot of lambswool in a mans extra large jumper and for just a few hours of rewinding, skeining, washing and rewinding again I have lots of wool for not alot of pennies.

So it was obvious once the sewing bug bit me that fabric is the same, yesterdays bag started out as cotton curtains.

Today I have raided my wardrobe and found 2 skirts that must have been there at least 2 years. They will never get worn so I am unpicking the seams to see if it is possible to re use the material to make more funky bags.

Here is the material I have unpicked.

I did the pink one first and as it was quite easy. I unpicked every seam. On the blue one I cut across the top by the waistband and then up a side seam. This one was just gathered into the waistband and had a full lining too, the pink one had darts into the skirt for the fullness so took alot longer.

Next time I will just cut waistbands off and up a seam to save the time.

I have pressed them and now they just need washing and turning into something new. I am thinking bags, not reversible but I will have to get a nice plain material for the lining.

I am still knitting though, sewing hasn’t taken over.
I am on the heel of one sock and nearly at the toe for the other…photo’s soon.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to De-crafting.

  1. I always look in the charity shops for clothing I can cut up and recycle. Although I was once buying a lovely Next salmon-pink linen/silk dress that was covered in lots of little buttons from a CS when the assistant asked me if I wanted to try it on. I said no need, I'm going to cut it up for the buttons and fabric. Well if you'd seen her face, I though she was going to snatch it back off me and make me leave. Lol.

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