A New Year.

As always as the new year comes around I tend to take stock of my life and try to make changes for the better for the year ahead.
This one is a strange year.
My eldest daughter turns 18 today and my middle child will be 16 in March. It is 10 years since I met the wonderful man who has become my husband and father to my children.
Looking back on my life I have to say I don’t think I have done too badly. A few really bad mistakes but I have learnt from them and moved on.
I can honestly say that at the moment I am in a happy place, we all have good health and I have good friends around me. The children are all polite and well behaved and I can be proud to claim them as mine.

Last year I think I did way too much knitting. It became abit obsessive. As I look back on Ravelry at all 2009’s projects I wonder if I ever slept. Add to that the hours spent weaving and spinning and I don’t know where time went.

This year there will be a few changes.

Obviously I will still knit, that is a part of me but I will try to do different projects that test my skills rather than plain stocking stitch socks. ( Although I do have 2 pairs on the needles now as they are handy to just pick up ). I also have module 2 of the hand knitting C&G course to complete.

I want to learn to sew, I have a machine, just never use it. this time next year I would love to be able to make if not patchwork quilts then patchwork cushions. I will have the patience this year to learn.

I am going to rediscover cooking healthy nutritious food for the family. It got to the point last year that me and Mr K were eating too many takeaways. I want that to stop and I will cook from fresh ingredients. As I write this I have just made potato and watercress soup for my lunch. It was delicious and I have enough left to freeze 5 portions so thats my next weeks lunch sorted.

Thats it for now.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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