Something has possibly clicked.

This is my latest spinning and it looks almost like * shop bought yarn *.
This is merino I dyed and slightly felted so instead of selling it ( when I was ( cough ) selling through studio thirty8 ) I had to keep it. It is gorgeous.
I took my last 3 spun skeins to Knitting club and was asked if I was happy with them being so loosely plied. Obviously I am torn here, I want them to look fantastic but then again I have spun them so they are perfect. ( Christine didn’t ask it and thats why she’s getting the gloves LOL ).

This skein I really concentrated, ok well abit more than usual. Still didn’t show any interest in the order of colours, maybe one day I should but that makes it harder work…Anyhow I set to spinning, thinly, I want to get over the 300 yard mark and so far I just cannot do it. Then I plied it really well, taking into account that the plies ‘should’ lie at 45 degrees, making sure it wasn’t twisting back on itself too much and shock, found myself counting the treadles while plying. I do that anyway in my head, they just don’t actually mean anything, just something to do BUT this time I was treadling and letting out the same amount to be plied each time…does this make me a spinner instead of just what I like to think of myself as a ‘twister’?

The result was this, It spun back on itself once I took it off the niddy noddy but once soaked and whacked it hangs perfect. There are a few places where it’s thicker and thinner, must have lost concentration there but overall it looks pretty good. There is no loose plying here.
Going to take it to knitting club tonight to see what is wrong with this one.

My dilemma………on the one hand I am happy with this as it looks great and is obviously my best spinning to date but on the other hand I am now getting worried that my handspun may turn out looking more * shop bought * and thats not what I want, I want to keep the rustic handspun look or I may just as well go out any buy it.

AND, no I didn’t hit 300 yards, this came in at 267 yards. GRRRRR.

I am spinning again and it seems to be spinning really fine so I may hit 300+ yards this time. Something seems to have clicked ( after 2 years ) and the spinning is better.


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