Gloves for me.

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I am quite a selfish knitter. Unless I have an actual project in mind and bought or dyed the wool for it, everything else seems to be for me, especially handdyed handspun. I am the only person I know that will appreciate the time and work that goes into it so it’s only right I get to keep it. ( occasionally Mr K might get something ).
I LOVE knitting with my own handspun, it doesn’t matter how badly spun it is, I have made it so it is wonderful.
These are simple 2K x 1P fingerless mitts. I did them from the top down again, provisionally cast on for the thumb and decreased down the gusset.
With my handspun I love the way it stripes as there is nothing technical about my spinning I just sit and spin adding more roving when I need to. I don’t bother to match the lengths of roving so the colours go the right order I just enjoy the spinning. I then ply from a centre pull ball so I can use every inch of the singles ( did I mention how selfish I am ? ).
The way these have turned out remind me of the shading of Twilleys Freedom spirit wool.

Just to not be selfish and because I feel it’s Random Gift Giving time I am also knitting a pair of these for Christine at Knitting club. She always offers encouragement, it doesn’t have to be perfect as long as I enjoy it, so I think she deserves a pair of gloves too. I have to finish them by tonight but luckily these are a really quick knit.


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