Acid dyes.

My dyes came yesterday so after reading the instructions and finding out that they aren’t at all scary I have been playing today.
Basically acid dyes are the same as the food colouring I use. The term acid just refers to the citric acid or white vinegar used to set the colour. the only difference there is as far as I can see is that they are more colourfast and will not fade as easy. I say as easy because I should imagine that if I left any item in direct sunlight for long enough they will fade, anything will.
I have dyed 3 lots of merino roving today and 1 skein of wool. Hopefully I have 2 lots of roving to go in the shop as I slightly felted one so that is mine.

They are on the line drying at the moment so photo’s will have to wait. I also have photo’s of the plying I did yesterday, as I suspected ‘Dead wasps’ is my favourite.


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