Time to ply.

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I seem to have been having so much fun spinning that I haven’t actually plied anything.
These 3 bobbins are waiting to be plied. I have to wind them each into centre pull balls and then ply from the centre and outside of the ball, thus using as much as I can.
The blue/red at the top looks suspiciously like some I spun earlier and made socks from so that should be interesting.

I am waiting ( impatiently ) for the postman to bring my acid dyes to play with so I have no roving dyed up to spin….guess it’s time I started plying then.


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One Response to Time to ply.

  1. molivermade says:

    How many yards will you get after plying? I find I like to ply on a bigger bobbin. It doesn't wind as tight the second time and have to keep my fingers crossed it will all fit back on the smaller bobbin.

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