I dyed some roving earlier on this week using the same technique as dyeing the yarn.
Love the roving and named it ‘Burnt Banana’s’. Now I am spinning it it has been renamed ‘Dead Wasps’.
In my usual way I have just spun, no thought in it, just the joy of spinning. It’s a little thinner that the last spun which is good, although there are some much thinner spots which is bad.
I just tend to let the roving do as it likes with no thought to colour changes. So this has surprised me by turning a green colour. It’s a dark / light green with the odd flash of yellow.
I’m not going to write it off as a mistake just yet as when it is plied and skeined it will probably be my favourite….thats what ussually happens.


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One Response to Surprise.

  1. Pixie says:

    Gorgeous fibre and spinning.. I love just spinning and seeing how it turns out.. always a pleasant surprise.. and magical too 🙂

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