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I was wondering about the fadeing issues of the dyed food colouring. These are a pair of socks that I dyed and knit 18 months ago. They have been worn and through the washing machine frequently and dried outside in direct sunlight.
The photos were obviously taken with different light on them too, I cannot recreate the lighting from 18 months ago. the bottom, older photo also has direct sunlight shining on them ( there is no sunlight today ).
All in all I don’t think they have done too bad. If they hadn’t been worn and washed as much as they have I would expect them to be brighter.
I would expect fadeing with anything, a red jacket I’ve shop bought has faded through washing and sunlight so I am very happy with these socks.


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  1. Tracey, thanks for showing the difference in the socks. I'd say it's not too bad! I didn't expect the difference to be so minimal! I'm going to look at food coloring today.

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