What I did yesterday.

I had so much fun dyeing these yesterday. I used a new method for me and did 3 of them in the microwave.
The blue one is Merino and the other 3 are BFL.

BLUE. This one is Merino and is so soft and shiny. I was going for a solid blue/petrol colour and dyed in a dyepot on the stove. I didn’t like the result, thought it was too patchy so dyed it again. Now I think it is lovely, it’s not patchy it is shaded.

GREEN. This one I did in a dyebath in the microwave. I expected a solid colour and it does look solid but on close inspection there is very slight shading, I don’t even know if the difference will show up once knitted it is so slight.

ORANGE. This was pink. I put the dye on the wool, then wrapped it in clingfilm and microwaved it, it came out a lovely deep orange colour. There is more shading on this skein where the colours flow from light to dark.

RED/LILAC. This is the only one I really thought about what I was doing. I painted sections of red and lilac, microwaved it in cling film and didn’t like it. I microwaved it again in a lilac dyebath and still didn’t like it. I reskeined with a view to overdyeing again and OMG reskeining is fantastic….now I love it.

The blue was dyed with Landscape dyes which I am still unsure if I like them or not. I seem to do better and get better colours with the dyes used for colouring cake icing.

The colours on my monitor are as close to real life as possible.

What I have learnt is to have fun and no expectations. What I expect to happen, doesn’t. Thats what overdyeing is for.

Oh, yes and red hands are fashionable, right?

I really don’t know what to do now. Do I open a Folksy shop and try to sell yarn or not? Does it matter that they are dyed from cake colourings as long as that is in the listing or are people abit funny about things like that and want the ‘grown up’ dyes.
I have sooooo many questions that I don’t have the answer for right now.
This is abit like letting your kids go out of your sight for the first time, will they behave and be accepted.
I love the yarns but maybe, just maybe I am a little bit biased.



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2 Responses to What I did yesterday.

  1. You are one busy lady. The yarn is gorgeous…keep going.Paulawww.molivermade.com

  2. Knitting Nix says:

    I know the feeling. I also want to sell mine in my ebay shop, but will anyone buy kool-aid dyed yarn?? Yours are gorgeous and you should definately give it a go!

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