Yet more socks.

I am having to type this with the middle finger of my right hand as yesterday lunch time I was stung on the index finger, just below the nuckle by a wasp. It left the sting in which I removed and it bloody hurt. My finger was swollen and I couldn’t knit until last night as I couldn’t bend it. This morning I have finished my socks and yet again it is swollen and unbendable. All the back of my hand is swollen too. OUCH!
Anyway here are my socks,they are from the Seaside Rock merino I dyed and spun. The yarn lasted longer than I expected it to do and I could probably have knitted these top down. I do like them toe up with an upside down heel flap though just for something different. These are really warm and snuggly.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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