Crochet, dying and knitting.

I’m experimenting….that’s all there is to know at this point.
I will be back with pictures to let you know the outcome, good or bad.

I’m back, I’m going to edit this post so it is all together in order.

In a post a few days ago I was regretting sending the unused knitting machine to the tip as I wanted to knit some sock blanks for dyeing. I still do want sock blanks but as I’m quicker at crochet I decided to do that. I used 100g of a sock weight wool and wound it into a centre pull ball. Then using both ends at once I crocheted 40dc’s across, into a rectangle shape with a 7mm hook.

It soaked in a mixture of vinegar and water…I forgot to add salt..and then I dyed it.

I then steamed it for 40 minutes to set the dye. Forgetting the salt doesn’t seem to have had too much of an effect so far. I had expected there to be bits of white/cream where the stitches were but the dye looks to have soaked all the way through.

The hardest part yesterday was getting it back into 2, 50g balls. I knew but had forgotten that the wool would be twisted together with the crochet. Getting it into 1, 100g ball wasn’t a problem until I came to seperate the strands, that was a nightmare. I had also forgotten, until this morning when it is nicely hanging on the line to dry, that as I had doubled back on each row with the crochet there will be double lengths of the colours at the end. Something to remember for next time. Although I am very pleased with how my skein has turned out I don’t think I will do it again, it was alot of faffing about but hopefully I should have 2 x 50g balls of sock wool that knit up the same and that was my aim.

I am planning to dye again with sock wool, I want perfection!!!!
I prefer doing roving but I do want to achieve a passable sock wool. I think I will try 2 x 50g and lay the skeins together to get them the same, when I do 100g they always for some unknown strange reason produce different socks when used from each end of a centre pull ball. I prefer doing 2 x 50g rather than 100g as I always know where the starting point for each sock will be to try to get them to match.

It was an interesting experiment.

Ta-da…. all dried. I am really pleased with this. I have called it ‘Clowns Feet ‘.

and a close up of course.

What do you think?


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