My new studio is going to be fantastic.
Quick background…..through the utility room and up the stairs we have a small flat. Just a living area, bedroom and bathroom. It’s where Mr K’s mum stayed when she came to visit. Well Mr K has very nicely persuaded her to buy a house as eventually she will want to move back from cyprus for good.
Last time she was here was for 3 weeks and she spent that time buying furniture and essentials for the new house. They should all be delivered before she comes back again in October.
Meanwhile, since she has gone back to Cyprus work started on turning the flat into my studio. Everything had to be cleared out as only what she wanted to keep had been packed.
Last night the walls were painted in the knitting room. The other room will be the spinning, weaving and dyeing room.
I have given the walls a 2nd coat this morning and then started the task of moving some stuff up there.
The office I am in now is quite small…and full!!!! I didn’t realise just how much stuff there is in here. I am trying to clear the shelves to make it easier to move them. I have managed to move magazines, books and needles so far…there is an awful lot of crap in here that I need to move as I will probably need it as soon as I throw it away.
Like the knitting machines I threw away and now would like back to make sock blanks for dyeing….you live and learn.

I have taken much better pictures of Bubbles than the one in the post below, as soon as I get time I will upload them. I am also waiting for a vista bluetooth device so I can download straight from my phone to the vista laptop, should be here this week.

While all the studio stuff is going on there has still been abit of knitting time. I have 1 sleeve to go and abit of length to add to the cropped cardi, making it a not so cropped cardi, I have finished Pomatomus socks and started Marlene socks, loving it so far ( 2 repeats in ).

I need a new name for my studio that could also double as a Folksy shop name….any ideas?

E.T.A….still moving stuff upstairs, I don’t think Mr K will be best pleased when he see’s how much yarn there actually is.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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