So….argumentative yarn…

Well ‘Eternal Flame’ has spoken.
It has been sat on my desk now, within petting distance waiting to be made into socks, well what else would one do with brightly coloured handspun but socks?
I keep looking at it, and petting it and whispering socks, well over the past few days it has been whispering back…crochet a scarf. I have ignored it.
It has got louder. Totally my fault I imagine for having it on the desk within looking distance of all the lovely projects on Ravelry.
I am willing to compromise….( as the yarn is usually right, and I will only end up ripping out the socks to make the scarf ).
It will be cast on as the scarf and later may be frogged for socks ( shh! ).
‘I’ decided it would be a shame to hide away this beautiful colourway and spinning in shoes so a scarf it will be.
Now…be quiet.

E.T.A….The yarn was right. I am doing ‘Bubbles ‘ scarf…the link is in the sidebar and it is working out absolutely gorgeous.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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