‘Oh my goth’…

Can anyone see the problem here?
Yes I have got to the ribbing on the ‘Oh my Goth’ colourway socks and I have totally fallen out of love with them.
One sock has 10 rows of rib and the 2nd has 3 so I am almost at the end but the difference in colour is now annoying me sooo much. Why now, I have no idea as I’ve known from the toe’s that it was happening.
Now, do I rip back and make Little K 2 good matching pairs of socks or do I carry on, finish 7 more rows of rib and put them away in the Christmas box?
Eldest daughter would love these and she is the same size as me so they would fit. At 17 she is at the height of fashion with mismatching socks ( not like we were in the 80’s..oh no ) so these would be happily received, the same socks, but different.

E.T.A. The socks are finished.x.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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